Philatelic Society of India is celebrating its 120th Anniversary by holding INPEX 2017 a National Philatelic Exhibition at World Trade Centre, (Expo Centre) on 30th November, to 4th December, 2017. It was planed for February, 2017 and the society started working for it from March, 2016 but unfortunately we could not get approval of the Department of Post. The venue was booked long before as it is difficult to get it if we are late. So we requested the Expo management to do us a favour and change the date to November-December, 2017, in the hopes of getting approval. Otherwise also we had to forgo the advance of Rs.1,00,000/- paid for reservation. Fortunately after a long wait and efforts we could get the approval of the Department very late, with conditions that the society will pay for to and fro of frames and not much of help and facilities, otherwise given by the Department. We accepted and the show is now scheduled on above dates. This is being 3rd National by the society. The 1st one in 1997 to celebrate the centenary of the society, the next was held in 2013 and now the 3rd is being held now. In the meantime the society held a small Society Level Exhibition of around 100 frames at Mumbai G.P.O. Auditorium in March, 2017. Though the hall and frames were given free courtesy the C.P.M.G. Mumbai, still it cost the society more than 2 lakhs.

INPEX 2017

It was proposed to be 800 frames exhibit but as there were too many entries we requested the Department to give us 900 frames. As all the expenses were on the society the Department accepted to arrange to get 900 frames. We had to cut down the stall area to provide the extra 100 frames to be installed and now it will be 900 frames exhibition.

This will be a proper official National Exhibition, not a National Level Exhibition. It is recognized by the Department of Post and with patronage of Philatelic Congress of India. These will be all accredited F.I.P. & Department approved Jury and eligible apprentice Jury and will be recognized for International Exhibition.

Allotment of Frames

Inspite of so many hurdles and expenses the Philately is promising in India. We had applications of more than 1100 frames entries in 2013 and now we received around more than 1200 frame entries + some late entries including 12 Literature, 36 school 68 frames youth entries. It was very disheartening for us to reject entries as we know how important is a National for a philatelist and without this they cannot participate in International Exhibition. Anyway we allotted 895 frames including 36 school and 68 youth class to 212 participants + 12 literature class. 50 frames were kept for Department and Invitees class. You may be wondering how come we have allotted more than 900 frames. As per our experience there are always some withdrawals, some no show exhibit, so we took this risk as we wanted more and more philatelists to participate.

If we compare, Indepex 2011 had a total of 114 Indian participants, besides 28 literature class and around 581 frames were allotted to Indian participants. In spite of limited frames we allotted in Inpex 2013 - 749 frames to 176 participants besides literature and kept about 40 frames on hold. Now in Inpex 2017 as mentioned above, we have allotted 895 frames to 200 participants including youth and school 13 + 12 literature entries. Plus we kept 9 entries of 27 frames on hold.

Special Covers etc.

Inpex 2017 is planning to issue one cover each day and they will be different then normal ones, such as one will be a 3 dimensional cover for which one will need special glasses, which we will provide with the cover. Wait and see other different types of covers. The team is working on it. Besides covers there will be covers of Thematic interest one each day with different subject and from different countries namely Namibi, Botswanna, Laos, Vietnam and Nevis with cancellations of the country and proper date.


The Inpex 2017 will be buzzing with full of Philatelic activities. There will be seminars every day, speaker being experts in their field. Some of them may come from abroad, curtsy India Study Circle. A 2 days Children program will beheld by Past Crossing Society of India. A seminar of Jainism will be held. On 3rd December, 2017 there will be Philatelic Congress of India Regional meeting and G.C. meeting. Critic session will be on 4th morning. Award ceremony on 4th December, 2017. There will be two auctions by Shri Todywalla after 6 P.M. and many more.


All the medals till Silver will be of proper 99 tunch. Silver, Gold and Vermeils will be proper gold guilt. It will be certified by the manufacturer. Costly affair and will cost huge amount to the society. Bronze will be of proper bronze.

A final program will be announced soon.

Damyanti Pittie,
Secretary - Philatelic Society of India,
Joint Coordinator – Inpex 2017